Welcome to the new high, same as the old high, the one you forgot about years ago. The highs that kept you feeling every note through to the end of the album, kept you one with nature through to the end of the hike, had you reconciling your soul with the universe, and finishing your project still riding your creative waves. enHIGHten yourself again.

enHIGHten + cannabis = the entourage effect.”

Stay high longer.

Nature doesn’t hide her secrets, rather we become ready to learn. We have learned.  enHIGHten has encapsulated one of natures endless secrets.

Inside every plant are various blends of oils called terpenes. Within the cannabis plant are a small group of prominent terpenes which customize the plant into their various strains, their indica or sativa prominence, and of special importance, their effects on us.

enHIGHten draws the same prominent terpenes found in cannabis from plants such as hops, lemongrass and mangos, among many others. When these terpenes are added to the cannabis experience, they enhance the thc effects, most often prolonging the effects for hours.

Take one or two capsules daily or as desired. Take prior to your cannabis experience, allowing enough time to digest the capsules. Then enjoy your high longer. 

About TerpeneEnhanced, Inc.

The TerpeneEnhanced is a leading-edge innovator that has created a professionally formulated tolerance reducing, entourage-effect creating nutritional supplement product created for daily cannabis consumer.

At TerpeneEnhanced we believe that life can be better and more balanced.

Our mission is to enhance quality of life with safe natural supplements.

Terpenes have long been used for the therapeutic effects and as flavorings, but only recently science has discovered the anti-inflammatory and mood enhancing properties of terpenes. Terpenes are the essential oils of plants. Our products combine natural terpenes in specifics amounts and are intended to improve mood, provide pain relief, and reduce anxiety.

We also have an OEM program.

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