enHIGHten contains a blend of natural herbs tested to be high in plant based terpenes known to produce the "Entourage-Effect"  helping you stay high longer. Give it a try! Get free shipping using promo code : LONGER.


enHIGHten is a nutritional supplement formulated to help you get higher, longer, and to give you a better experience with your cannabis. Save big when buying our 30-Pack Tin!


Life is better with terpenes! 1-2 capsules per day can help you to maintain healthy bodily systems and work to lower your tolerance to the sticky-icky.   enHIGHten contains a blend of natural herbs with terpenes.  Learn about terpenes and your body here.

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Check out this video with legendary rastaman and recording artist, Skyhigh the Mau Mau. Skyhigh is a producer of his own label SkyHigh Music International.

Skyhigh was tour manager for Burning Spear (1975-1980), The Gladiators, and road manager for Rita Marley and Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers. He is currently MC and road manager for Damian Marley and Julian Marley.

Take it from an original rastaman, enHIGHten will make your high a perfect 10! Much respect and love to Skyhigh the Mau Mau!

enHIGHten’d Testimonials


“All of a sudden I was like holy shit I’m fucking lit! enHIGHten works like a charm. Reminds you of your earlier days of getting high.”

- Wes Eder, CEO, Shelflife Distributing

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